Monday, March 31, 2008

Choosing an engine … again

As far as game engines go, I’ve been around the block and back a couple of times. I have tried my hand at every engine I could get my hands on. I don’t know if it’s just me but every once in a while I question my choice of a particular engine and retry engines that I had already decided against. We’ll, it’s that time again. If you’ve read my previous posts you might have figured that I’m totally sold on the nebula device.

Lately while laying out the ground work for project samurai, I have had doubts about using nebula for it. Almost the entire game is set out doors with vast landscapes, a lot of vegetation (grasslands and sparse trees). In its current state, nebula has no functioning terrain renderer. There is a multilayer scene node that I think is basically a brute force terrain implementation and in my view doesn’t look very pretty.

Some time last year while on one of my engine quests, I came across S2 Engine. Back then it was in version 1.4 and had no terrain implementation. Something else that put me off is that they didn’t/don’t provide a demo. Its videos and screenshots looked very impressive but I decide against it mostly since I couldn’t try it myself. Now version 1.5 has just come out with a lot of improvements including terrain rendering, vegetation painting and mesh instancing. Again the videos and screenshots look impressive. Being part of a really small team it looks like an ideal solution for project samurai.

The only disadvantage of using S2 is that for a 135 euro version, I can only use the engines script interface and I’ve always been one who likes to look under the hood. There is an option to upgrade to a license that provides a C++ SDK and another pricier option that provides full source access.

I’ve been looking at the available terrain renderers with the aim of picking one to fix. The two available ones are both based on Thatcher Ulrich’s work on chunk LOD terrain. The first one, nclodterrain has some pretty nice tools for generating terrain meshes and textures but on running it, my terrain seems to be tilted 90 degrees around the X axis. The other one, ncterrain2 just displays a box; I’m still trying to figure that one out.

I have no intention of abandoning nebula but I think using S2 will speed up our development. In the mean time, I’m planning on working on a terrain implementation for nebula but I don’t want project samurai’s development to be tied to this.

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